How Mediation Saves Workers Compensation Dollars

Resolving issues in Workers Compensation claims through mediation saves time, money and stress. 

Multiple Appearances with Judge Can Accomplish Little

Multiple appearances which accomplish little costs all parties “opportunity time”, the opportunity to use the wasted time to accomplish something productive.  Parties may become frustrated with the process, and this frustration sometimes impairs the abilities of the parties to move forward.  Wasted time means wasted money.

In contrast, mediation is as fast and efficient as the parties want it to be.  Mediations can be scheduled for a time and place of the parties’ convenience.   As much time as is necessary can be allocated for the mediation.  The issues to be resolved can be as narrow as definition of the industrial injury or as broad as conclusion of all indemnity, medical and penalty claims.

Mediation Facilitates Communication and Settlement

Mediation focuses the parties’ attention.  This contrasts with a court appearance where an attorney may be juggling appearances in multiple courtrooms.

The mediation may be the only opportunity the injured worker gets to tell the story of the injury and treatment.  For many injured workers, relating the narrative allows them to put it in the past and move on, a good result for all concerned.

This is an abstract of an article originally published at AMAXX Workers Comp Resource Center.  Find the full article at

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