5 Best Benefits of Workers Compensation Mediation

1) Mediation Works.  In one study, 61 percent of workers compensation mediations resulted in total resolution of the disputed issues. 2) Mediation is fast- no waiting for a hearing date on an overcrowded court schedule. 3) Take as much time as you need- no rush to finish within a half-day window at the WCAB. 4) Mediation […]

Cannibal Negotiation

Cannibal negotiation refers to a deal where parties figure out how to get money from an entity not at the table. The term originates from an arrangement where OldCo paid NewCo to keep NewCo’s cheaper, competing product off the market. NewCo is paid for not selling anything. The buyers who need that product have to […]

Tricks of the Settlement Trade

Negotiations can founder when parties (and some mediators) don’t know the tricks that remove settlement obstacles. Structured Settlements Structured settlements are ideal for funding Medicare Set-Asides. Structured settlements provide tax-free periodic payments over a specified period of time, which can be for the life of the injured worker. The structure costs less than lump-sum funding, […]

Does This Mediation Make Me Look Fat?

Nobody wants to look bad. Turns out some workers compensation professionals think recommending mediation makes it look like they couldn’t get the claim settled themselves. Mediating a claim doesn’t make you look bad. It makes you look smart. Are You A Litigation Expert? Most claims settle. Mediation makes it happen sooner.Litigation experts realize that going to trial […]

What You Don’t Know About EAMS

The lawyer told me, “I can only see the cases where I’m the attorney of record.” The hearing rep told me, “I don’t have access to EAMS.” Wrong and wrong. It’s a Government Database EAMS is a PUBLIC database of filed California Worker Compensation cases. Anyone can log in to https://eams.dwc.ca.gov/WebEnhancement/ to see case information. […]

How Did You Get To That Number?

Case evaluation is part art and a lot of math. We’re not talking calculus; we’re talking arithmetic. A surprisingly large number of lawyers tell me they’re bad at math. They’re not alone. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo recently got his math corrected by his co-anchor Michaela Pereira while discussing Powerball lottery numbers.   You can’t come […]

Mediation or Arbitration

Confusion continues about mediation compared to arbitration. The processes are very different. Mediation Parties come to mediation to achieve settlement. A mediator helps people negotiate to that end. I spend most of a mediation with parties in separate confidential sessions. I help them define issues, understand alternatives, and compose offers and demands. I convey information […]

3 Signals It’s Time to Close the Claim

Some Workers Compensation Claims seem to have a life of their own. Before you know it, years have passed since the Date of Injury. Here are 3 signals telling you to take a hard look at settling now. The Injured Workers is 61 years old. Once an injured worker reaches age 62½, any buy-out of future medical […]