Workers Compensation Mediation Throughout California

When you know the claim should settle, I can help you define the issues and make it happen.

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Workers Compensation Mediations throughout California

Issues for Mediation include

Total Case Value
Disability Percentage
Present Value
Medical Necessity


About Teddy Snyder


Teddy Snyder

Conducting Workers Compensation Mediations

throughout California 

Based in Los Angeles

Bar Admissions: California (1991), Illinois (1977)

As a mediator, Teddy Snyder is a professional neutral. She does not represent any party nor provide legal advice. Parties are advised to consult their own attorney for legal advice.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Experience

1 . private mediation services
2 .  Center for Conflict Resolution mediator panel for Los Angeles Superior Court
3 .  Harwell Institute mediator panel
4 .  Los Angeles Superior Court ADR program mediator panel (past)
5 .  California Contractors State Licensing Board (past)
6 .  American Arbitration Association (past)


1 .  Workers Compensation Notable Person- LEXIS-NEXIS 2008
2 .  Rated av “pre-eminent” (highest rating) Martindale-Hubbell since 1983
3 .  Fellow, College of Law Practice Management since 2011


2001 – 2013 Ringler Associates: Settlement Consultant; worked on both claimant and defense teams
1996 – 2001 Farmers Insurance: Law practice management expert and troubleshooter
1993 – 1996 Legalgard, Inc.: Litigation Management Consultant; advised large purchasers of legal services how to manage litigation more cost-effectively
1977 – 1993 Civil litigator


1 .  Straus Institute Pepperdine University- Mediation training

2 .  Loyola University School of Law (Chicago), J.D.

3 .  State University of New York at Buffalo, B.A. cum laude

Publications & Lectures

Mediation FAQ

What is mediation?

A mediation is a meeting where a neutral person, the mediator, helps the parties communicate to resolve their disputes.

Who is in the meeting?

The decision-makers and their representatives should attend the mediation. Everyone will probably be together some of the time, but the mediator will meet with each side separately as well.

What if I have a "smoking gun" that I want to keep from the other side for now?

Mediation is confidential. Any information disclosed to the mediator solely for the mediation, including a sub rosa or medical report, cannot be used by any of the participants later in the workers compensation case or any other non-criminal case. No one can subpoena the mediator to ​divulge that information.

Can the Mediator decide issues or enter orders?

No – the parties make the decisions.

Who pays for the mediation?

In a typical mediation involving only the Applicant and one Employer, the Employer pays the cost. If there are multiple parties or issues, such as a serious and willful claim, the parties decide how the cost will be divided.

Why mediate?

The parties, not a judge, control the outcome. The issues to resolve can be as narrow as defining the injury or as broad as a comprehensive Compromise & Release. You can schedule your mediation for a time, date and duration of your choosing. No waiting for court calendars. No wasted WCAB appearances. No frustration with too little time to air the issues. Multiple claims with the same Applicant attorney and insurer can be scheduled for the same day. The mediator can help parties communicate, even hostile ones. Mediation is private. All communications in mediation are confidential. Mediation saves stress, time and money.


“I have met (in person) a Mediator whom I like very much. She is quite effective and I would like to encourage you: if you are in Work Comp, and you have a case that is difficult to resolve, consider mediation. And if you have the opportunity to utilize the services of Teddy Snyder I would think you would be most pleased. ”

Colleen HartsockClaims Examiner at AIG

“The case settled within 48 hours of the mediation. I would hire her again.”

AttorneyOrange County, CA

​”Thank you, Teddy, for the insights – you are a pioneer for ADR in the modern day.”

Christine HarwellFormerly with California Department of Industrial Relations

“Awesome experience”

ClaimantOctober 2015 mediation

I have known Teddy for many years and in a word “effective” she is!

Laura MillerManaging Director at Chronovo

“Very patient”

ClaimantJanuary 2016 mediation

​”Thank you for continuing to do this work.”

Victoria PynchonNegotiation Consultant

Teddy did a fantastic job, brought out the issues in a clear manner allowing settlement to be reached.

ClaimantMediation participant July 2016

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